The Queensland All Nations Tournament allows participants to represent their heritage and their nation at a fun, social and non-affiliated touch football tournament that celebrates our many and diverse cultures that make up Australia.

South Queensland & Border Districts Touch Association in conjunction with Queensland Touch Football delivers an event that allows participants to experience multiple cultures through food, dance and connection.

Cultural identity is a focal point of the event with all teams representing their community under their traditional nation, with uniforms adorned with symbols of their nation, supported by a cultural performance on the Saturday afternoon. This provides an opportunity for members of the community to come together, play some touch football and learn about their local culture and foster relationships and understanding between other cultures.

Date: Saturday 4 – Sunday 5 December, 2021 (postponed to 19-20 February 2022)
Location: Coomera Sports Park, 53 Beattie Road, Coomera QLD 4209



  • 12s Boys & Girls
  • 14s Boys & Girls
  • 16s Boys & Girls
  • Open Men, Women & Mixed
  • 30s Mixed
  • 40s Mixed


Recommendation: 1 referee provided per team (Minimum Level 1 TFA Accreditation)

$50 per player (Juniors & Seniors)
**minimum ten players per registered team

QLD All Nations is open to everyone!

This is a fun, social touch football tournament that you can play at with your family and friends on the Gold Coast.

Team nominations are CLOSED

If you get stuck, please contact Lee Rossow on 0428 182 238 or via email lee.rossow@qldtouch.com.au 

If you have any questions or wish to start a nation please contact the Event Manager or join a nation here.

Event & Referee Manager
Lee Rossow
M 0428 182 238
E lee.rossow@qldtouch.com.au



Saturday 5 December

Opening Ceremony

8:00 am

Games Commence

8:30 am

Cultural Performance (Field 1)

Approx. 4:00 pm
Last Game Taps Off
6:25 pm 

Sunday 6 December

Games Commence

8:00 am
Approx. 2:40 pm  & 4:40pm

*Please note these times are subject to change. Although we do our best, we cannot guarantee the exact times.


A group of people united by common descent, history, culture, or language. 

In the context of QLD All Nations, a Nation is made up of multiple clubs and teams and can represent different age divisions. Each club within a nation must have a Nation Champion, who is the key contact.


Nation: Scotland
Club: Scotland – Coomera
Teams: 3 teams, 12s, 14s and Mixed Open.

Yes. You can enter another club under that Nation.

Click here to make contact with a Nation Champion to get involved.

Make contact with the Nation Champion which can be located under “Contact a Nation”. If you can’t locate a nation you wish to represent – start your own – “Start a Nation“.

No worries, we’d love to have more Nations involved. Please contact the Event Manager to find out how to get involved. 

Team nominations are conducted by your Nations Champion. Be sure to let them know you have a team! 

Nation Champions will be required to complete all team registrations through the administrative portal of the MySideline System.

Team Nomination Process

  1. Nation Champion Contact to complete online team nomination form
  2. Event Manager to approve team nomination(s) and provide Nation Champion with access to the administrative portal within MySideline
  3. This portal will allow Nation Champion to create and manage all Nation teams

Individual registrations open Monday 25 October and close Friday 11 February.  Anyone attempting to register after this date will NOT be able to play in the event.

  1. Visit – Individual Registration or request direct link from Nation Champion 
  2. Search for your team name
  3. Select your team name
    *Some team names are quite common, please ensure you select the right one, commencing with “2021 QAN”
  4. You will need to create an NRL account (if you don’t already have one). Follow the prompts
  5. Select your name or add a new participant
  6. Select ‘Complete Registration’
  7. Accept terms and conditions
  8. You’re done!

Note: All players must register online

No limit. As many teams as your nation can support.

A single performance is required from every Nation that participates in the All Nations event. The length and type of performance is up to you! Have fun and get involved.

No. This is a non-affiliated, social touch football tournament for any skill level, so grab your friends and family and represent your heritage!

Definitely! This is a social touch football tournament for any skill level. Contact your Nation here.

We try to achieve a minimum of 5 games per team. This will be dependent on final entries and the draw.

Yes! You can watch all the live action on Field 1 on the QLD All Nations Facebook Page.

QLD All Nations complies with the Queensland Government’s Industry COVID Safe Plan – Field Sports and follows Queensland Touch Football’s Return to Play Guidelines in addition to the Industry Framework for COVID Safe Events.

There will be restrictions put in place around the venue. We ask all attendees to respect these requirements as we all have a part to play in creating a COVIDSafe environment.



  • COVID-19 or has been in direct contact with a known or suspected case of COVID-19 within the last 14 days
  • Flu-like symptoms or who is a high health risk (e.g. due to age or pre-existing conditions)
  • Travelled internationally or to a COVID declared hotspot



Unfortunately, Nations will be unable to prepare and/or cook their own food on site due to COVID-19 restrictions. There will however be food vendors available on site to purchase food should you choose to.

More information will be provided closer to the event.

Last updated September

Yes. Event Insurance is covered in the Team Fee, however, this only covers you at the event. All players must be registered online to be eligible. 

Click here for further information.